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LandHope 62" Long Handle Push Broom Outdoor Indoor with18" Wide Floor Scrub Brush Head Red

LandHope 62" Long Handle Push Broom Outdoor Indoor with18" Wide Floor Scrub Brush Head Red

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About Our LandHope®
"LandHope" We hope to bring more good hope to people through products on this vast land. We firmly believe that there is beauty in life . and we hope to provide some practical and budget-friendly household items to help every family and everyone to improve the quality of life.

The Reason Choose Us:
✅ Extra Long Handle Outdoor Broom:
Garden broom outdoor with a 62" long handle comes in four sections . 45°angle
Ergonomic design . reduces the pain in the knees and back while doing housework
✅ 6 Layer Hard Bristle:
The garden brush outdoor is finished with 6 Layer stiff bristles for sweeping heavy things with forward speed or efficiency such as grass . soil . sands . snow . and leaves which tend to stick to the ground . plus
✅Push Broom Brush Ergonomic Principle:
The Angle of the pole and broom/brush part conforms to the ergonomic principle . which can be used to use the broom/brush with less effort so that cleaning can be simple and convenient.
✅ Multipurpose Garden Broom Outdoor:
The angled design is easier to push than upright brooms . versatilely clean many rough floors in warehouse . garage . balcony . deck . pool . garden . patio . porch . sidewalk . stadium and more.
✅ Our Landhope brand is registered . so if you encounter any problem using the product . please contact our support team. We would sincerely serve you.

- Bristle Stiffness: Soft Bristle Outer Circle/Hard Bristle Inner Circle
- Broom Head: Material Plastic
- Bristle Material: Poly Fiber
- Bristle Type Flagged Bristle
- Colour: Red
- Type Broom: Push Broom
- Use Location: Outdoor/Indoor
- Floor Surface Type: Muti-surface
- Broom Head Width: 18 inches
- Product Height: 62 inches
- Assemby Required: Yes

Package Includes:
- 1* Broom Head
- 4* Segments handle

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