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Great Value Disinfecting Wipes, 4 Pack, 300 Total Wipes

Great Value Disinfecting Wipes, 4 Pack, 300 Total Wipes

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The power of Great Value Disinfecting Wipes will make cleaning and disinfecting your home a snap. You can use these disinfecting disposable wipes on almost every surface around your home. Savor the refreshing . elegant smell that each of the three different scented wipes in this pack offer. There are four canisters per pack: two lemon-scented . one fresh-scented and one orange-scented. Each individual canister includes 75 wipes for a whopping total of 300 wipes in this amazing value pack. That will allow you to keep canisters through the house . so they are conveniently available wherever and whenever you need to quickly clean a surface. You can safely wipe down hard . nonporous surfaces of in your kitchen . bathroom and other high touch places. Great Value Disinfecting Wipes truly are the best wipes to clean away tough everyday messes and germs.

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