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1.5V Alkaline AA Rechargeable Battery Cell, 16PCS

1.5V Alkaline AA Rechargeable Battery Cell, 16PCS

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   ✦  Battery size: AA dia.14mm . length 50mm .AA batteries are commonly used in Toys .Portable tape and Clocks .Electronic games .Smoke alarms .PDA's .Flashlights .DVD . MP3 . and digital camera . electrical toy . and more.

   ✦  Please check if your charger can charge for Alkaline batteries. Thanks!

   ✦  Alkaline environmental protection material

   ✦  Alkaline batteries are environmentally friendly battery . use a professional charger . do not use NiMH / NiCd battery charger . otherwise it will cause the battery to explode or leak . It is not recommended to use electrical appliances with long-term slow discharge which may easily cause overdischarge. Second charge effect! !

   ✦  Alkaline rechargeable batteries can be tested with a multimeter and the no-load voltage can reach 1.5V. This is the same as the characteristics of alkaline dry batteries. This high voltage advantage is unmatched by NiMH batteries. It is suitable for razors . LED lighting and other electrical appliances that require high potential but will not be used for a long time.

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